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How to Liquid Staking with Sceptre (Video)

Updated: Jul 1

Learn about liquid staking and everything that you need to know to start. I am working with Sceptre Liquid Staking Platform to show you how to liquid stake your FLR tokens.

It's a known error that she calls the wallet Bitfrost. It's a typo and should be Bifrost.

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00:00:46 What is Liquid Staking

00:02:13 Staking with Metamask

00:03:51 Staking with Bifrost

00:05:20 Unstaking

00:06:39 Swap sFLR to wFLR with Blazeswap

00:07:37 Liquid Staking - What's next

00:08:12 Liquid Staking Recap

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