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Octavia is coming to Sceptre’s Telegram

Octavia is coming to Sceptre’s Telegram

We're thrilled to announce that Octavia, the powerful Web3 AI assistant, will soon arrive on the official Sceptre Telegram channel!

What is Octavia?

With a proven track record in fostering positive online spaces, Octavia is a powerful AI tool that helps us keep the conversation on track in our Telegram channel. It can identify and address inappropriate content, answer questions with relevant information, and even combat negativity to maintain a positive and productive community.

As our Telegram channel flourishes, ensuring a safe and positive space for everyone is a top priority. That's where the integration of Octavia comes in! Its advanced capabilities will be a huge asset in keeping the conversation civil, factual, and focused on all things Sceptre.

Join the Sceptre Telegram Channel

If you haven’t already, we highly advise you to join our Telegram Channel. We have a thriving community there (almost 400 members!) as well as some of the Sceptre core team members ready to answer any questions you have about this project. Follow this link to join us on Telegram.


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